Introduction to Python Programming

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Python is an object-oriented programming language and is widely used. It is a very interactive and high-level language.

Python was created by Guido Van Rossum during the late 1980s and early 90s. It is dynamically typed and has a very beginner-friendly syntax which makes learning Python very easy.

There are two versions of Python which are named Python2 and Python3.

Among these, Python3 is the one that is being used lately.

Why should you learn Python?

Well for starters, Python is ranked among one of the top programming languages all over the world. You might not be surprised to know that nowadays even many Schools, Colleges, and Universities are teaching Python as their primary programming language.

It is fairly easy to learn for someone who is new to programming because one can write programs using fewer lines of code as compared to other programming languages. As Python is an open-source language, it’s available for free and can run on various platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.

It is a very versatile language and can be used to build new and exciting applications. One of the major factors that make learning Python more interesting.

Real-World Applications of Python

  • Python can be used to create and edit files.
  • Python supports connection with database systems easily.
  • It can be easily integrated with C, C++, and Java.
  • Best uses in Automation and simulation work.
  • Can be used to handle big amounts of data sets and perform complex mathematical problems.
  • As it has numerous powerful libraries, it is heavily used in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc.
  • Finally, Can also be used to create web applications using the Flask and Django frameworks.

Career Scopes and Job Roles in Python

As Python is being heavily used in the industry, there are a number of high-profile job roles that require Python programmers. Some of these are as follows:

  • Python Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Web Developer
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Game Developer

and many more such kinds of roles…

This is an ever-expanding field that shows a great level of growth every year in terms of new jobs created.

Some of the famous IDEs ( integrated development environments)  used for Python programming are Pycharm, VS Code, Spyder, Atom, etc. But we are going to discuss more of them in our later articles here at Python tutor.